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Customer Service

Everyone says they have the best customer service! Being pleasant on the phone is just the beginning. We have excellent working relationships will all of our factory suppliers to make sure your order gets done properly and on time regardless of what ever obstacles the factory presents. We get it done for you!

Rush Service 

A lot of distributors offer FREE RUSH service. Some even offer FREE one or two day RUSH service. The reality is that not all factories offer RUSH service and even some that do are often so overloaded with business they have to suspend their RUSH service. When necessary we will research and find the fastest service available and the best possible price.  We never over promise and under delivery. We let you know what can really be done every time.

Price checking service

If you have already found a product you like and want to see if that same product is available at a lower price. Just ask. We do not ask for the pricing you have and if we cannot find a better price we suggest you go with what you have already found.


Whether you know exactly which promotional product you seek or need some suggestions as to what would work best for you, we have the experience and data base to find you the most cost effective solution. We will provide you with a full color PDF catalog showing all our solutions and their price points. We will find specials or coupons to make sure you are getting the best value for your $$.​

Art Work and Graphics

Have a logo in a bitmap format (jpg, tiff, gif etc) we can convert to a total vector graphic needed for all imprinted products for FREE.  Need to have some text or other info like a web site added to your design we do that also for FREE.  We provide preproofs of all graphics even before we send them to the factor to insure they are right the first time.


Often our clients have an event where they know a promotional product would produce the exposure they desire but need help in finding the best solution. Sometimes they are spending a great deal on widespread marketing (i.e. Television, Radio, Magazines) when they really need a target market approach. We have helped many clients save money with much more effective advertising.

Follow Through

Have you ever wondered what happens after you place an order for promotional products? We offer personalized service where we follow up on all orders to insure they are delivered on time. We know well in advance if there is a problem with an order (inventory shortage, production scheduling etc) and find solutions to the problem even before we call you.​

Silver Star’s Professional Services