Our client specializes in spinal care and sports injuries. They were seeking a promotional product that was useful and visible for the athletic crowd at a 5K charity run. The slogan for the event was “We got your back” was printed on a lightweight and quality backpack. The concept was so sucessful they have repeated it many times.

To make our client's next direct mail marketing campaign successful we suggested a “Money Tree” seed packet  that could be mailed like a post card. He used the slogan “let us help you grow your real money” He told us that nothing he had ever tried before brought in more attendees. SUCCE$$!

Stellar Solutions

We have helped many customers with their advertising by suggesting promotional products that are unique and help people remember their business. 

We were asked to find the best promotional product giveaway for an accident attorney specialist. We suggested the “smash light” flat flashlight. It has a magnetic backing, a lithium ion battery with a 5 year life and bright LED’s. It has a weather resistant case so it can go anywhere. This fantastic emergency flashlight let their clients know that in any automobile emergency they are available 24 hours a day.  They must like it as they have reordered for years."    

Retail Businesses

Job Fairs

Medical Field

Card Exchanges - After Hours Events

Real Estate Farming

Trade Show Giveaways

This Florida bank had a mandated budget not to exceed $10 yet they wanted a gift with a high perceived value that would look great on billboards and local media. We created and assembled a beach bag that contained a six pack cooler, key float, Frisbee and a sand pail with shovel. Their initial conservative order was for 500. The program was so successful they eventually ordered 5,000 kits.

A Florida hospital wanted to promote their doctor referral program throughout their local community. They wanted it to be medically useful yet very economical. We suggested a FAST AID (first aid kit) with their doctor referral information. The result was a significant increase in their referral program. 

Nortel pepper sauce.jpg
Nortel Networks was attending a job fair in New Orleans. They wants us to find the best promotional product giveaway for their booth. We suggested a Louisiana Hot Sauce with the slogan “Hot and Hiring”! The applications well exceeded their expectations.

Promotional Products

A large department store chain asked us for a promotional product for a gift with purchase that would also help promote their fall denim line. Their impossible budget max was $2. We surprised them with a well made denim pencil bag with 3 denim blues pencils inside. They advertised through local media and gave away 10K gifts in the first two weeks. A  Huge hit!​

Direct Mail Marketing

Corporate Events

Time Warner had been searching for months to locate a source for their promotional sponge. They wanted a pop up sponge that was a custom shape and was printed with six colors on one side and three on the back. The quantity was 10,000 and the budget was $0.60 each. Since no one in the promotional products industry could produce this product they were stumped.
Then they called Silver Star Promotions. We thought “Outside the box” combining the capabilities of two separate factories to achieve their desired sponge. We made it in budget and on time. They were impressed.


Fund Raising Incentives

Our client, the Sarasota Circus, wanted something for the most important middle Tier of their Fund Raising event. They gave every tier a circus name and this one was “The Juggler”. We suggested a three ball juggling kit with easy instructions. This tier became the biggest producer of the program allowing the circus to continue.

A real estate broker wanted a promotional product to would work for her chosen demographics. A unique giveaway that would be used daily with her name and number. By helping her potential senior clients see things better, she felt they would see her in a better light. We suggested a pocket magnifier. The seniors loved it and she repeatedly got listings and sales.

A European client was to market their software at a Chicago trade show & they wanted to attract attention, create a usable mailing list, and convey their message. We suggested a puzzle cube. If you solved one of the 12 puzzles you were entered into a drawing (creating the mailing list) for big prizes. Attendees were seen wandering the show trying to solve their puzzle and telling others to get their puzzle to solve. It was a huge success. Our knowledge of the best trade show giveaways was the solution they wanted.  

Brand Building

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Our client needed something to advertise the many facets of their store at an after hours event. Our suggestion was a video message pen with six rotating messages. The barrel has the store particulars. With each click the user saw a different service offered.