Trade Show Giveaways

Great Solution Cube

From Traffic builders to keepsakes we have solutions To make your trade show appearance a success. See how we helped one client solve their puzzle. Read More

Corporate Events

Free give aways for events

A Medical organization was sponsoring a 5K Run. See how we made them visible for the entire event. Read More

Job & County Fairs

Hot Solution

To get the most attention, Job and County Fair promotional products must be useful and keyed to local demographics. See how we helped our client recruit new employees. Read More

Financial Institutions

Banker Were happy

Our client wanted to create a major push for new checking accounts. They had a limited mandated budget. See how we created success for them. Read More

Retail Businesses

Cool Bags

This department store wanted a truly unique gift with purchase that worked as back to school AND push their new fall Denim line. Read More

Card Exchanges After Hour Events

Great Pens

With a lot to offer, telling your whole story at a fast paced event is not really possible. See how we helped a comprehensive bookstore solve this problem. Read More

Brand Building

Runner's Sponge

A sponsor of the NY Marathon wanted a runner’s sponge for every participant.
They had some specific details in mind. See how we helped them while all others were stumped. Want to learn how we found the solution.
Read More


Direct Mail Marketing

Money Tree Rocks

We can find the product that gets attention at a reasonable cost. See how we helped a consultant bring people to his seminars. Read More

Real Estate Farming

Awsome solutions

An aggressive Realtor wanted to farm a senior citizen neighborhood for possible listings and sales. She wanted something inexpensive, useful and portable. See what we suggested. Read More

Fund Raising & Incentive Award

Juggle Balls

A local Circus was looking to gain some donors so they could continue to operate. See how we helped Read More

Hospitals and Doctors/Dentists

Doctors need help.A Hospital wanted a way to help community members
find a doctor when they needed one. See how we solved this headache. Read More

Lawyers and Accountants.

Cool Solutions

An auto accident lawyer wanted a gift to give his clients to keep in their car in case of an emergency. What enlightened idea did we have? Read More

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